Future Plans – Courtenay House Surgery and Orford Lodge Merge

As you may be aware, Dr Holt will be retiring from the Practice at the end of April this year. Dr Greenish will be retiring from Courtenay House Surgery. This would leave Courtenay House with only one partner. It is not possible for the surgery to continue as a single handed practice. As a result of this we have been in discussions with Courtenay House Surgery (across the road from us) to agree to come together as one partnership. We are aiming for the partnership to be formed at the end of April 2018. We will remain in our respective practices and initially hold separate contracts. Once formed, the work of both practices will eventually merge together. We hope that you understand why this needs to happen for the future of the practice and support us in this decision. Further information will be shared as we progress, if you have any questions please ask at reception.